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Quokka Hug Tote Bag - for Worldwide

Quokka Hug Tote Bag - for Worldwide

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Bring your quokka smile wherever you go! Our tote bags are perfect to have on hand for any occasion. Spacious and trendy tote bag to help you carry around everything that matters.


Quokka hug print on both sides.

Alternative Tote model available for USA and Canada only: Quokka Hug Tote Bag - for USA & Canada Only

• 100% spun polyester fabric
• Bag 15" x 15" (38.1cm x 38.1cm)
• Capacity – 2.6 US gal (10l)
• Maximum weight limit – 44lbs (20kg)
• Dual handles 100% natural cotton bull denim
• Handle length 11.8" (30 cm), width 1" (2.5cm)
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