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Quokka Babies - The Cutest Happiest Baby Animals in the World 🐻

The Baby Quokka : Cute, Happy, Adorable, and Smiling! Is there anything cuter than a Quokka baby? Probably not, which means you're now on the cutest article on in the internet.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Chloe the Quokka (@quokkahub) on Oct 13, 2019 at 12:55am PDT   To start you have the choice of reading  this baby quokka article or watching a baby quokka video. I suggest you do both. What Do You Call Baby Quokkas? A Joey!  Here’s a fun fact: The word Joey comes from the Australian Aboriginal language.  Joey simply means 'little animal'.  Baby kangaroos and baby koalas are also called joeys!  QUOKKA BABY IMAGE  Let’s give you a quick overview of...

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Do Quokkas Throw Babies At Predators To Defend Themselves?

The Quokka baby throw, tossing babies at predators. We get down and find out the real facts about this online rumor.   You may have read or seen the meme stating "Think you're a bad mother? Quokkas throw their babies at predators to defend themselves". Well in this video we find out what mother quokka really does and where this statement originated. Talk to the artist that started the whole idea and shed light on this tossing baby situation. Watch our video and find out the truth.    For the latest quokka animal smiles media follow us ► The idea that quokkas throw their babies originated from a Sad Animal Facts drawing In June 2018 Sad Animal Facts published this drawing...

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