Quokka Babies - The Cutest Happiest Baby Animals in the World 🐻

Quokka Babies - The Cutest Happiest Baby Animals in the World 🐻

The Baby Quokka : Cute, Happy, Adorable, and Smiling!

baby quokka being kissed by momma quokka

Is there anything cuter than a Quokka baby? Probably not, which means you're now on the cutest article on in the internet.



To start you have the choice of reading  this baby quokka article or watching a baby quokka video. I suggest you do both.

What Do You Call Baby Quokkas?

A Joey! 

Here’s a fun fact: The word Joey comes from the Australian Aboriginal language. 

Joey simply means 'little animal'.  Baby kangaroos and baby koalas are also called joeys! 


Let’s give you a quick overview of what makes quokka joeys so amazing and then we’ll get into the details.

  • They have the cutest smile in the world. All of them are born smiling.
  • Their home on Rottnest Island is beautiful.
  • They are a protected species!
  • People come from all around the world to visit them in their natural habitat.
  • Quokka mom carries her baby in her warm, cozy pouch. Those free rides are always a plus.
  • Quokka joeys drink lots of free milk in mums her nipple that’s located inside her pouch.

Now let’s get into the details

Raising a Baby Quokka 

Mother quokkas only have 1-2 babies per year because baby quokkas are a lot of work 

BUT mother quokkas can have up to 17 babies over the course of her life!  (A huge, hopping family!)

And how much does a baby quokka weigh, or what does it look like I hear some of you ask?

To give you an example, after about 70 days of living. This is after birth and growing in mothers pouch. The bean sized quokka baby only weighs 35 grams. 

Imagine about the size and weight of a a regular egg.

They are also born with no fur and grow it within the first 2-3 months.

All of the above facts are some great reasons why quokkas don’t make good pets. We talk more about why you shouldn't have one as a pet here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbXSLkuwJZk

But where’s dad, what role does the male quokka play in this?

Daddy quokka is really nowhere to be found!

The male quokka doesn’t actually help to raise the baby, he has very little to do with the family, but he will protect the mother quokka from predators while she is pregnant. 

Quokka Joeys are Adventurous

Oh baby! Curious and not camera shy…

These little adventurous quokkas are anything but camera shy. Quokka joeys are both very curious and shy. They are always popping their heads out of mom’s pouch to see what's happening in the world and if there's any food to nibble on.

Every now and they they'll venture out of the pouch to have a scratch or stretch their legs. But  

Check out this very rare video of the little joey falling out as he's getting too big to fit.


After 6 to 7 months in mom’s pouch, baby quokka gets too big and too heavy for mom to carry him. So it’s time to move out!  Teenage quokkas live beside their mother snuggling up against here for another 6 months. This is their road to independence. 

You'll always see the baby and mum side by side for months to come as 

The Quokka cycle continues 

It starts all over again.

After about a year to 18 months quokka is all grown up and become sexually active. They'll start to find other quokkas to mate with and pretty soon it will be time to make more babies!! 

When is The Best Time to see Baby Quokkas in Real Life?

Quokka Joeys start poking their heads of mothers pouch from August to September. Then start venturing out of the pouches from September to November. Their cuteness if indescribable, you'll just have to witness them yourself.

The Best Baby Quokka Compilation Video

To see more happy baby quokkas check out the baby quokka video if you haven't already watched it. Warning: your heart may explode with happiness!



For daily quokka cuteness updates follow our quokka gallery on Instagram (Full of quokka smiles to melt your heart) https://www.instagram.com/quokkahub/?hl=en . 



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