How to Stay Happy During Covid-19 from the Quokkas - Happiest Animal on Earth Approved

During these stressful times, we must smile and remember what is most important in life: Love, Friendship, Happiness, Creativity, Passion, Purpose, and adorable quokkas

Connecting with all of these things can give us strength to take this day by day!

The ability to find joy has not disappeared even though the world has changed and your heart might feel heavy right now.

These days, it might really feel like it’s harder to smile. You might feel afraid. That is all ok! Quokkas, the smiliest animals on earth, sometimes don’t feel like smiling!

It’s normal to be going through lots of emotions right now. But we will all get through this together, and your quokka friends care about you. They have some advice for all of us!

Why Quokkas Give Great Life Advice

Quokkas are amazing at surviving hard things! They are very small, but wow are they strong! Their home, Rottnest Island is an incredible place, but living there isn’t always easy. It’s very dry and sometimes food and water runs out, but quokkas are so resilient because they hold onto their happiness. They are always hopping forward one day at a time, even when things get tough!

quokka smiling sunset - daxon

Quokka Quarantine Tips: Invite Joy into your Day!

Quokka tip #1:

Smiles Can Help You Make it Through the Miles!!

Just because we can’t spend time together in person ( we hope you are socially distancing responsibly) doesn’t mean that we can’t share the love!

Remember that a smile is a magical way to connect. Call a friend today! Send someone a funny picture (of a quokka of course) or a song or a book recommendation! 

Smiles are so powerful, and they can travel so far. In fact, Quokkas have made people smile in almost every country because their pictures have traveled all over the internet!

Be inventive and kind when you reach out to your friends and remember there are a million ways to make people smile and laugh! 

Try making it a goal to make one person smile a day during quarantine! It will warm their heart and bring you both closer. 

Quokka Tip #2: 

Be Creative!!

Have you spent a lot of time in quarantine watching movies, reading books, and listening to music? Have you ever thought of creating your own?

One of a kind! There is something really special about the creative process, the art of making something! 

Take this time in quarantine to create!

When you look back and remember this crazy time, how awesome would it be to have memories filled with your art?

quokkas painting a portrait

Humans and quokkas have been creating for thousands of years. It’s about getting your hands dirty and pouring your heart into building something you love. It’s not about the final product, it’s about the fun you have making it. Instead of just experiencing other people’s content right now, experiment! 

Try to create for your own! It could be super fulfilling.

When you build your own special projects, you express your unique personality. Each piece of art you put out in the world will be beautiful in its own way because you are. There is nobody else like you. Use your gifts and express yourself now! (Note: if you don’t create anything during this time just use it to rest, heal, and experience other people's art that’s beautiful. Your creative flow will come through when you know it's the right time, and it will be an amazing feeling)

Quokka Tip #3

Do More of What Makes You Smile

Remember what makes you happy and recreate those moments to bring more smiles into your day! Right now we have to get a little creative with this because there are some things we can’t do like going to concerts or going to eat inside our favorite restaurants. 

But there are things we can do! We can throw our own dance parties over group video chat with our friends! We can try to make our favorite dishes at home!

One great thing to do right now is to follow Instagram accounts that are dedicated to your favorite interests or join Facebook groups that are too!

Make sure you're following us quokkas on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Incorporate more time into your day doing things that you love! It will brighten up your life and create happier moments right now and always. 

Quokka Tip #4 

Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company

Quokkas are smiling alone right now on Rottnest Island because with COVID 19 happening, no one can travel to their home. It may be difficult to smile alone sometimes, but when you realize how awesome you are, you will always have a reason to! Something that might help you is starting a Love Yourself List.

Love Yourself List: Write a list of 10 things you appreciate about yourself. What are your best qualities? What would your best friends say about you when they describe you? 

When you’re feeling down in quarantine, you can read it! 

Quokka Tip #5 

Be Kind!

That's it, just be kind to people and your environment. Keep spreading love and happiness! The quokkas are cheering you on.

The world needs more kindness than ever

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Hopefully all the above has made you think and helped in some way. Now put it all into practice. 

Stay healthy Xoxo 

This beautiful article was written by Gabi @gabi_gives



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