How to Get to Rottnest Island - Meet the Quokkas

How to Get to Rottnest Island - Meet the Quokkas

You’re going to Rottnest Island! We've listed the best ways to get there and how much it costs. Also, we have a discount code for one of the ferries below, read on.

So the reason you’re going to Rottnest Island is to snap your perfect quokka selfie! Sure, the island has pristine beaches and an air of tranquility that soothes the soul, but let's be honest—it's those adorable, grinning marsupials that truly have your heart.

Pack your bags, hop on a ferry, get your bicycle and embark on a journey to the ultimate Instagrammable paradise where quokkas, sun, and serenity await!

Where are the quokkas?

You’ll see them on Rottnest Island, located just 20 minutes off the coast of Perth, Australia. It’s one of the only places you're able to meet them up close in their natural habitat, Rottnest Island. It's Australia’s most popular destinations and home of the quokka. (There are however and few other places around Australia you can see them in animal sanctuaries, list coming soon here).

What’s the best way to get to the quokkas?

We’ve split this article into a few options. Sure you can take a private plane, helicopter and boat, but the easiest, fastest and cheapest option is to take a ferry. We also don’t advise swimming to the island. 

If you’re there to meet as many quokkas as possible then I recommend staying over at least one night on the island.
rottnest island ferry map


Rottnest Express

Rottnest Express is a great ferry service that runs from Fremantle, Perth to Rottnest Island, taking about 30 minutes. The service runs every 30 minutes (from Fremantle ports) during peak season and every hour during off-peak season, with tickets costing $64 for an adult return ticket.

If you board the boat from Perth City port (Barrack Street Jetty) it can take over 1.5 hours because of the speed limit on the city river on your way to Rottnest Island. But you do get a tour of the swan river, and remember you can bring your bike (additional fee) and luggage onto the ferry as well. 

If you’re bringing over luggage for a day trip/multiple days, they can give you tags to put on your luggage for them to be delivered to your accommodation on Rottnest Island. 

You can read more on their website as well request special assistance.

Use our discount code QUOKKA15 and get 15% off your entire booking with Rottnest Express.

Rottnest Express - Ferry Tickets
 Adult Return  $64 to $112 same day return
Child (4-12) $39
Ferry & Bicycle Hire (one day)
Adult $97
Child (4 -12) $65
prices as of April 2023



Sealink Rottnest Island

SeaLink has a new fleet of boats, so you can expect a smooth sailing experience to Rottnest. They have disabled access, bathrooms, air conditioning,  free Wi-Fi and entertainment screens onboard.

Sealink offers four return services daily from Fremantle and Perth and an additional two services during peak periods. There’s food and drink onboard. Alcoholic beverages, light snacks, tea and coffee on all SeaLink Rottnest Island’s ferry services.

Sealink say to arrive 30 minute before departure so you can check tickets and luggage. Ferry travel time takes about 30 minutes from Fremantle to Rottnest Island.

Perth central to Rottnest Island takes around 1.5 hours due to river speed limits.

For you environmental people, SeaLink’s boat is an ‘Enviro-Cat’ design, meaning the ferries use lower fuel per passenger than a small four-cylinder car. This makes the ferries one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable vessels in Australia.


SeaLink Rottnest - Ferry Tickets
 Adult Return  $49 (weekday speical) to $86 same day return
Child (4-12) $32 - $44
Ferry & Bicycle Hire (one day)
Adult $80 - $116
Child (4 -12) $52 - $64
prices as of April 2023



Rottnest Fast Ferries

Fast Ferries are the best way to get to Rottnest Island from Northern Perth,

In fact, this is the only ferry company who runs from Hillary’s Boat Harbour (Northern Perth coastline) and not from Freemantle. They operate a spacious, high-speed catamaran and offer a variety of travel packages for exploring the island

Travel time from Hillarys Boat Harbour to Rottnest Island is approximately 45 minutes each way. Time varies depending on sea conditions and the type of vessel used for the trip.

Interestingly they have some packages that offer ferry, bicycle hire, food snacks on the island. Check their package offers as they differ from the other company offerings, e.g, Fast Ferries have a skydiving over the island package.

Free shuttle pickup from various Perth City Hotels, they have a full list on their website.


Rottnest Fast Ferries - Ferry Tickets
 Adult Return  $80 to $96 same day return
Child (4-12) $50
Ferry & Bicycle Hire (one day)
Adult $114
Child (4 -12) $65
prices as of April 2023




If you're taking your bike, surfboard or other equipment

All of the ferry companies can take bikes, surfboards and oversized images for an additional fee. 

There’s an option at the booking checkout for this equipment.

Bikes are stored on the ferry, front or back depending on the ferry vessel. However, due to limited space on-board vehicles at peak times and equipment requirements for specific journeys are limited, so make sure you book well in advance.

If you plan on bringing a bike please do so before the boarding as the ferry staff need to load luggage and check passengers-in. Just allow for more time before departure, so there’s no rush.


What if you're bringing Luggage?

If you have luggage, like camping gear, coolers, suitcases, etc to bring to the island for accommodation the ferries can help you with the delivery so you don’t have to carry it by yourself.

Make sure you have all you need in your day bag as luggage is inaccessible until it get delivered to your island accommodation.

The ferry company will give you bag tags when you get your tickets, or ask for them. Attach it to your bag and drop them infront of the ferry luggage basked/collection point. Then get on the ferry and your bags will be delivered to you accommodation on rottnest island by the late afternoon. 

Same goes for the return journey when you leave Rottnest. Leave your bags outside you accommodation and have your luggage picked up and delivered directly to your ferry. This means you don't have to worry about carrying your bags around with you on the island or lugging them onto the ferry.

There’s a weight limit and size of bags you can bring so check with the ferry company before using the service. There may be an additional fee for this service depending on the ferry company and the number of bags you’re transporting.


Take a Private Boat

Yes you can charter your boat to Rottnest Island. Since you can choose your own schedule and don't have to wait for a ferry. But, it also requires more planning and some flexibility in terms of where you pick up or drop of before travelling with them.

Exclusive Boat Charters and BlueSun2 offer private boat charters to Rottnest Island for events, parties and weddings. 

We haven’t researched prices, so best of luck on your Rottnest trip.


Take a private plane/helicopter to Rottnest Island


The most convenient and breathtaking way to travel to Rottnest Island is by flying. You can fly from Perth’s domestic airport, which is located on the edge of the city.

Google “Rottnest flight service” as there are a number of companies offer trips and scenic flights.

  • Cost: flights cost form $700 for 1 person, $248 per person for 2 people,  to $143 per person for 10 people return. Prices vary depending on how many is in your group
  • Time: it takes about 30 minutes in total to get there by plane. Of course you'll want longer for the amazing views.
  • Size: most planes that fly to Rottnest Island have between 4-10
  • Number of flights per day: usually 4–5 flights per day depending on seasonality and weather conditions

The best time to fly is early morning and late afternoon, as this gives you more time to enjoy your day at Rottnest Island. 

There’s also helicopter service if you do some Googling.


That’s all, hope you found this article helpful, follow our quokka newsletter for more, enjoy your trip!

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